New For 2010

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday. It has been busy around here, but I am excited for the new year and want to get a plan for book club. For 2010, I am wondering how many of you are A.) still interested in participating, B.) would be willing to host book club at your house once or twice throughout the year C.) would be interested in posting (short) book reviews on the blog.

If you have enjoyed book club, but do not think you will be able to read/join us this year - that's okay - please let me know and I'll take you off the list. If you are planning to attend this year - please comment or send me an email letting me know your answers to A, B and C. Also, send several book ideas for 2010 - I'll start compiling the list. And finally - send me names of anyone you think might like to join with us and I'll send them an invite!

I may not have as much time to devote to book club next year, but I'd really like to keep it going with your help. I have some ideas for a few new things and hope to keep it fun for everybody. Love, Tamara

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