New For 2010

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday. It has been busy around here, but I am excited for the new year and want to get a plan for book club. For 2010, I am wondering how many of you are A.) still interested in participating, B.) would be willing to host book club at your house once or twice throughout the year C.) would be interested in posting (short) book reviews on the blog.

If you have enjoyed book club, but do not think you will be able to read/join us this year - that's okay - please let me know and I'll take you off the list. If you are planning to attend this year - please comment or send me an email letting me know your answers to A, B and C. Also, send several book ideas for 2010 - I'll start compiling the list. And finally - send me names of anyone you think might like to join with us and I'll send them an invite!

I may not have as much time to devote to book club next year, but I'd really like to keep it going with your help. I have some ideas for a few new things and hope to keep it fun for everybody. Love, Tamara


Year End Thank You

I just wanted to offer a sincere thank-you for those who came last night and for those who came through the year. It is so fun to read good books and share what we think with great friends. Book club is taking a little holiday -( so we can all enjoy ours). I will send an email sometime in December with plans for next year. Thanks again. Have a great day.
Love, Tamara


Meeting Date Changed

A few important changes: I need to move October's discussion to Thursday the 29th (instead of the 22nd) due to a change in YW activity. We are still reading Little Women. Be sure and read for your favorite quote or passage to share. (Come to think of it - it doesn't have to be your favorite - just one you want to share!) For November's meeting - I am considering the first week in December and throw in some holiday fun. Stay tuned. And oh- we have a new background - Thanks Amy for getting us coordinated! I love it! Have a great day, ladies & happy reading.


Meeting Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who came tonight including Amy who gave the author into and Tara who brought yummy treats & everyone's great comments. Our book for next month will be Little Women by Louisa Alcott. (I made this switch for a few reasons, one being that "I am a mother" by Jane Clayson is 15.95 @ DB). I like having books we can get at the libary or borrow. If I pick up a copy of Clayson's book - I will pass it around, so let me know if you are interested.

Our next meeting is October 22nd and it is the time of year when I ask for book ideas. So-get your lists ready, at least five titles - you know, classics or similar or a new book that has been reccomended/read by someone who can give background. I compile the list from everyone and we work on that to get our list for 2010. (wow, it's wierd just writing that date!)

I also wanted to ask anyone recieving the book club emails if you are still interested in participating in Book Club next year? If you are, that is great - I love to have you. If for whatever reason you do not think you want to attend - please let me know and I will take your email off the list so you do not get bombarded with all the announcements.

Thanks and have a great weekend. Happy Reading. Love, Tamara


A Few Items

Thanks to everybody who came last week. We had a great discussion and yummy treats - thank you Lani! I forgot to hand out the circle journal - if anyone wants it that hasn't had it yet - let me know - otherwise I'll give it to whoever is next on the list. Also, for anyone that wasn't there - we are reading Lonesome Gods by Louis L'Amour for September, but the books for October and November might change. I'm checking on them and will let you know. Have a great day & happy reading. ~ Tamara


Circle Journal?

So I checked the blog today and realized there hadn't been a post since April. Summer has a way of demanding all your time, doesn't it? I was wondering who has the circle journal - please let me know. I am going to be better about helping it move along and a few who had it earlier in the year have asked if they could look at it/read it to see what else had been written. Our next meeting is still scheduled for August 27th and we are reading Laddie/Porter (400 pages - yikes - I better get reading!). I posted new assignments on the sidebar, too. Thanks for all your input and support. Love Tamara